2002 Suzuki Truck XL-7 Installation and Removal

2002 Suzuki Truck XL-7  Installation and RemovalRemoval
NOTE: Specified torque refer to "P/S Pump Removal and Installation:". Tighten
bolts and nuts to specified torque ((a), (e), (f), (h), (i), (j) and (k)).
NOTE: Be sure to clean each joint of suction and discharge sides thoroughly
before removal
1. Remove suction hose from pump, then disconnect battery negative cable.
2. Remove P/S fluid reservoir (1) with suction hose.
3. Remove union bolt. Then disconnect high pressure pipe from pump. NOTE:
As fluid flows out of disconnected joints, put a receptacle under joints or a
plug to pipe.
4. Disconnect pressure switch lead wire at switch terminal.
5. Loosen related bolts and remove power steering belt. download detail here