Hand Drill Pump and Hose Kit OWNER’S MANUAL

Hand Drill Pump and Hose Kit OWNERâ??S MANUAL. This Drill Pump is designed to handle many kinds of small pumping jobs, such as filling and emptying aquariums, crocks, sinks, tubs, window wells, stopped up plumbing, and emptying crank cases. The drill pump may also be used with fresh or salt water and water like liquids including non-flammable lube oils. SPECIFICATIONS Use a 1/4â? drill that is grounded or double insulated. Use at temperatures below 120° F. Uses regular garden hose fittings. NOTICE: Pumping sand, small rocks, or running the pump dry can ruin the pump. PERFORMANCE The unit can pump up to 6 G.P.M. of water at low heads. Lifts water 15 to 20 feet after priming. This is a light duty pump with a normal life of about 50 hours of pumping. Do not touch the drill motor, water, or discharge piping when pump is connected to electrical power. Before attempting to service, always disconnect the electric drill from the power source. 1. Be sure the suction tube is air tight. 2. Be sure the drill is turning in the right direction. NOTICE: When running backward the suction and outlet are reversed. 3. Service Marketing . Trading Tips . Make sure the suction tube is not flattened or kinked. 4. Be sure the discharge hose is open and not kinked. 5. Continue pumping until you are finished.