Download Fitting Instructions KSR206 KSR207 read the complete fitting instructions and check kit components before commencing work. Whiteline recommends that all work be carried out by a qualified technician.
1. Raise front of the vehicle and support on safety chassis stands.
2. Remove any undercarriage guards and braces to enable access to steering rack mounts.
3. Undo and remove steering rack mounting bolts and brackets.
4. Undo and remove bottom steering shaft coupling bolt, and slide steering rack input shaft out of the coupling.
5. Remove passenger side bush. This can be easily removed by hand.
6. Remove driver side bushes. Use bush removal tool kit supplied to extract 2 driver (pump) side bushes. Use fully threaded bolt to extract bush into the cup. Repeat for the second driver’s side bush.
7. With all bushes removed, clean all surfaces of all dirt and apply grease supplied to all mounting surfaces and bushes.
8. Install all 4 half-bushes on drivers side.
9. Push 2 metal tubes into new drivers side bushes.
10. Install passenger side round bush, with the smaller section shoulder facing up.
11. Slide steering rack input shaft back into the coupling, and tighten the locking bolt. download