Honda Civic Si AccessPORT users Manual

The honda civic Si manual you will receive information AccessPORT. Here is a description of the product which AccessPORT reprograms turning inside the factory the engine control unit (ECU) using map files that contain a specially written instructions for AccessPORT followed during the process of reprogramming. The map file may contain the information for any number of different modification or extension of the vehicle starting from a map of the race for heavily modified vehicle map economy for items of the vehicle. By using different map files AccessPORT and ECU can be reprogrammed to accommodate virtually any configuration of the vehicle.

Information about product features and IntroductionAccessPORT InstallationAccessPORT FunctionalityAccessPORT TroubleshootingEnvironmental

Download the Honda Civic Si AccessPORT users manual: Honda Civic Si AccessPORT users Manual (343 KB, 21 pages)